Be Kind, Don't Be A Dick


While out and about Yesterday I witnessed something that almost broke my heart into 1,000 pieces. I saw someone look at another person who was over weight and clearly trying to make changes with pure disgusted look on their face. The more I thought about it the more I realized, that happens all the time. I can remember being that someone being looked and glared at, that person that was fearful of people judging me when I was grocery shopping and looking at healthy food, when I was working out, when I was looking at clothes to buy-- I can remember picking up a size smaller and putting it over the actual size that I needed just so I didn't have to show The dressing room attendant my actual size. It is awful and it is sad. One of the biggest problems I have with people in the fitness and nutrition world is the judgments that are placed on those who are not! It's bullshit. I don't care who you are, what you look like, the color of your skin, or the number on the scale. We are all human beings. And we all start somewhere. The next time you see someone over weight in the grocery store looking at healthy food, don't you dare glare it them.

The next time you're in the gym and you see someone who seems uncomfortable in their own skin--instead of rolling your eyes, why don't you give them a reassuring smile!

I'm so glad the people in the gym I work at and I bring my clients too a gym where the members are pretty much all bad ass! They are encouraging and they are kind. For the most part, they support the people who are giving it their all and aren't where they want to be yet--It goes along way and it doesn't go unnoticed.

But I'll tell you what also doesn't go unnoticed –- and that's the mean looks and the judgment that's written all over the face of someone who is judging. As self-conscious as I sometimes get And as uncomfortable as it is, I will never not show this scarred up, stretch Mark filled, and saggy skin belly. I have that not because I was pregnant but because I once was one of those people that had no idea how to shop for healthy food, had no idea how to workout and was so blatantly uncomfortable in my own skin that I wore sweats and sweatshirt, that I continually tugged and pulled at to try and cover my plump body,  almost constantly.

Remember the next time you are looking at someone and judging them, that everyone starts somewhere.

Be someone that makes everyone feel like someone regardless of their appearance. Trust me, it matters!

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