Pack of Gum.

Something random and kind of funny about me— gum. I always have it. Always. It helps me with my anxiety and my adhd. When I have gum in my mouth I have something to focus on. You’ll almost never see me with out it. 

I noticed today, as I frantically searched for it in my purse, like I always do— I’m always stressed out when I’m looking for it, always!

“where is it. I know it’s in here, stop stressing—  if i can’t find it, I have some in my gym bag.”  

Suddenly I found it. I was so excited!!! After digging for what seemed like 19 minutes (less than one in the real world lol) there it was. I flipped the flap back and it was the last piece. You guys! I got so excited about that one piece of gum. Even though I knew I had an entire unopened pack in my gym bag I was still so excited about that last piece of gum. 

I got to thinking about how I’m like that in other aspects of my life— how it excited I get when I make a green light, when a squat rack is open at the gym, when I check the dryer and find dry clothes because I actually remembered to turn it on, the relief I feel when I open the dishwasher and it’s dirty and not full and can fit the shit in the sink. The smallest everyday things that make me so happy and excited.  

It made me realize something, we need to start treating people like they are that last piece of gum and we are just so excited to see them. Sadly as awhole we don’t do that, at all—in fact it’s the exact opposite, while at my favorite place yesterday, Walmart, I noticed that. It was ridiculously busy, every one was in a hurry, every one and I mean every one was rude. It was crazy. So often we treat people as if their presence is an inconvenience to us. Do you know how sad that is? That we can be excited about a piece of gum or to catch a green light, yet we treat other human beings as if they are nothing. Half the time people don’t even smile. It’s sickening and I hate it.

It takes nothing, no effort to smile at someone and be kind to them. and it takes minimal Effort to get as excited to see a person as you do about that last piece of gum. 

I’m just telling you what I know. #TheGoodFight