4 Walls.

Have you ever thought about those two words. 4 walls. And how significant they truly are to your life. The day you were born, you were in a room, with 4 walls. You're taken home and given a room, with 4 walls. As you grow into your own you are drawn to those 4 walls, it's your space, your safe zone. Those 4 walls. It's amazing isn't it, having something of your very own. A space between 4 walls. Youthful moments in our lives often provide us with our biggest dreams, only the brave ones act on them, but we all have them. And most times those dreams develop within those 4 walls-- we aren't tainted from the harsh world yet, inside us there's still so much hope, which we often exspress with in those 4 walls. We are who we are in those 4 walls, because that is our space, our safe zone. Our 4 walls. 

The 4 walls remain, but we often change. It's really a shame, because as we grow we are learning pain.  Those same 4 walls that once gave us so much hope, quickly become nothing but a downward slope. 


We run to those walls, we hide in those walls so much so, no one can hear our calls. In our minds we are screaming, we are being so clear. Why am I alone? I just want someone near. 

Night after night we search for way, to take a breath to even make it through the day. The more they say, the less I hear. I don't understand why they can't see my fear. 

4 walls keep me safe. 4 walls calm my fears. In those 4 walls I can hide, they are always by my side. That's where I've been and thats where I would be, if it wasn't for the day I believed in me.  

He got in that car, he walked down the hall, they led him to a room with 4 little walls. Today is the day, he's standing so tall he's breaking down those 4 walls. 


You are making us proud, you are standing you are standing ground, you are showing the world you are not backing down. Sadness is hard, being lost is so scary but there no way in hell you are coming out without clarity. 


This one is for you, KB. I love you. 


brother bear ❤️