Find Some Balance


This weekend has been a weekend of food to say the least. It's like that for a lot of people this time of year, I think. For me food, especially food that isn't good for me is such a mental hurdle.

When I eat bad it can and will, literally consume my mind for days if I let it. A lot of that stems from being over weight my entire life, but the majority of that feeling comes from my eating disorder that I battled for such a long time.

You see eating disorders are incredibly mental-- they start in your head and work their way out. Part of the recovery process and staying strong is recognizing that feeling and redirecting it. For the longest time (as in years) when I would eat something bad (or anything really) I would instantly throw it up-- in my mind I was controlling the food. I was able to eat it and it not effect my weight. Wrong. That food and that eating disorder was controlling every aspect of my life. It was constantly on my mind. I had zero balance in my life with food, my emotions or my weight. My obsession with my weight and my body controlled everything.

Fortunately I have figured out a way around it. The way I have done that is understanding that balance is important and crucial. And obsessing over anything is not good.

Again, It's not good to obsess over anything-- be that, over indulging, over doing it in the gym, or simply not eating at all.

Remember that weight loss and heathy living doesn't happen over night. It takes time and that though it's a life style it's not all there is to life! Enjoy donuts and birthday dinners, drink wine and skip a workout, take time to find the balance.

There's always going to be someone telling you:

"you're to skinny."

"You're to fat"

"All you do is workout"

"You need to eat more."


Bla bla bla bla bla.

At the end of the day you owe no one a spread sheet or break down of your life and your sense of balance.

For me personally looking back at how far I've come reminds me that it's okay to not let those cheat meals or indulgence consume my mind for days like they once did. I can't lie, I still get a little worried and stressed durning the aftermath of the meal or meals-- it comes with the territory of having had an eating disorder for as long as I did. However I can now pull myself out of that, where is before I couldn't.

Do yourself a favor and find some balance. 😘


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